Proficiency in HTML, UNIX, CGI scripting using Perl 5, JavaScript, tables, frames, graphics, photography, as well as Microsoft NT, Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft Word, PhotoShop 5.5/6.0, and ImageReady 3.0.

Here is a PDF file of my complete resume with additional information.

Web Design Postions:

  1. Western University of Health Sciences (1999 - present)
    Mike Peshkam, CIO and supervisor
  2. University of Southern California - Department of Biological Sciences (1997 to 1999): Russel Zimmer, Chair (Supervisor)

  3. Rio Hondo College Virtual College - English 101 - (1998 to present): Dr. Kenn Pierson, (Supervisor)

  4. University of Washington Bothell (1995 to 1997): Cynthia Fugate, (Supervisor)

  5. Dr. Kenneth Pierson ( an intranet of over 30 pages containing professional/personal data and photographs.
Web Development Training:

  1. University of Washington Bothell - Workshop Series (Oct 1996 - June 1997)

    • Overview HTML Workshop : Esther Daniels & Sarah Leadley, UWB Librarians
    • Basic Level HTML Workshop: Rob Estes, UWB Librarian
    • Image Capturing Workshop: Chuck Bigham, UWB Computer Facilities Manager
    • Intermediate Level HTML Workshop: Richard Ian-Friese, UWB Webmaster
    • Advanced Level HTML Workshop: Richard Ian-Friese, UWB Webmaster
    • Introduction to Microsoft NT: Rob Estes, UWB Librarian

  2. Conference on College Composition and Communication (March 1997, Phoenix AZ)

    • Not Just Teaching and Writing: Designing a Computer-Enhanced Program In Composition and Rhetoric: Darsie Bowden, David S. Levin, & Gerald P. Mulderig (DePaul University IL)

    • I>HyperText Theory in Practice: An Interactive/Electronic Exploration of the Rhetoric, Poetics, and Pragmatics of HyperText: Douglas A. Brown, Beth E. Kolko, Jonathan Alexander (Univ of TX-Arlington), et al

    • New Tools for Going the Distance (Computer-Mediated Community and Distance Education): Marcy Bauman (Univ of MI-Dearborn) & Eric Crump (Univ of MO-Columbia)

    • Responsible Practice in the Writing Center: Tutoring in the Center in the Disciplines and in Cyberspace (Special Interest Group): Joan Mullin (Univ of Toledo OH), et al.
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