Photo of Chief Joseph Producer/Director - Polyglot Productions, Seattle, WA (1994 to 1997):

- a small theatre collective committed to the production of original works which address social, multicultural, and/or gender issues from impartial perspectives.

- Produced and directed a production of Chief Joseph and the Measuring Women by Dr. Kenn Pierson: a docudrama adapted from the words of Chief Joseph, Alice Fletcher, and Jane Gay written during the allocation of the Nez Perce Reservation in Idaho.

- Primary negotiator with the Nez Perce Indian Nation and other interested parties in mounting a production of Chief Joseph and the Measuring Women on the Nez Perce Reservation.

Artistic Director/Co-Founder - Serpent's Tooth Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI (1987 - 1993):

- a small, professional non-profit 501(c)3 theatre organization specifically incorporated to produce contemporary American drama, employ young theatre artists in a variety of theatre disciplines, and develop and showcase original works.

Representative Administrative: Responsibilities: Vice-President, Board of Directors - Serpent's Tooth Theatre

  • Co-authored Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Mission Statement and recruited individuals for a six-member Board of Directors.

  • Co-developed and co-authored a 200-page proposal for residency at a community college facility which included economic feasibility, market, and demographic studies.

  • Developed organizational operating procedures.

  • Developed production budgets for five seasons, secured state Charitable Solicitations License, and co-authored numerous grant proposals in an effort to obtain federal, state, local, and private funding.
Photo of House Fire by Frederick Kinch

House Fire, by F. Kinch

Photo of Still Life by Emily Mann

Still Life, by Emily Mann

Representative Administrative Responsibilities: Artistic Director - Serpent's Tooth Theatre

  • Provided artistic leadership for five seasons of contemporary and original American plays.

  • Directed and designed six mainstage productions.

  • Recruited theatre production staffs comprised of artists, student interns, and volunteers.

  • Coordinated Educational Outreach and Internship programs, stressing educational opportunities in productions.

  • Developed Playwrights' Program, providing script development and production opportunities for new playwrights.

  • Coordinated Audience Enrichment Program, featuring post-show symposia, lobby vendors, and lobby displays for non-profit organizations whose missions pertained to production topics.
Associate General Manager - Serpent's Tooth Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI

  • Shared responsibilities with General Manager in developing marketing campaigns for 5 seasons of American plays.

  • Generated ad copy, coordinated group sales, and formulated advance ticket sales, including season ticket packages.

  • Secured production sponsorships and program advertisements.

  • Co-authored and provided layout/design for theatre newsletter (Serpentimes), souvenir production programs, and other theatre publicity.

  • Negotiated contracts for three rental facilities and production ensemble members.

  • Developed plan for becoming a production company sanctioned by Actors Equity Association.

Photo of Josie by Dr. Kenn Pierson

Josie!, Dr. by Kenn Pierson

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