As an experienced Web Architect, I have experience in developing extensive web sites. I possess a range of skills in software including, PhotoShop 5.5/6.0, Paint Shop Pro, and assorted graphics programs. I have experience in writing CGI scripts using Perl 5, JavaScript, UNIX, and all aspects of HTML.

As a theatre generalist, I have experience in a variety of theatre disciplines, including directing, acting, light designing, theatre management, stage management, marketing, publicity/promotions, and set/prop construction. I have experience in professional, educational, and community-based theatre, as well as in developing a 501(c)3 (non-profit) theatre production company. I hold a B.A. in Liberal Arts (Theatre), an M.F.A. in Directing, as well as 45 postgraduate credits (in partial fulfillment of the Ph.D. degree) in Theatre History and Criticism.

As a semi-professional photographer with primary expertise in 35 mm format Nikon/Nikkor equipment, I have experience in photojournalism, location, candid, event, formal portraiture, low-light, and existing light photography, black-and-white negative printing processes (including toning, hand-painting, and tinting), commercial print processing labs, photographic chemicals, print presentation, print finishing, film format and selection, and styles and trends in applied photography.

I possess a range of desktop publishing skills for both Power Macintosh and PC using software which includes, PageMaker, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, HyperCard, and several other programs.

My strongest asset is that I am eager to learn new and different things.

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